Si medical

“If there's a way to do it better... find it.”
Thomas Edison

This specific company division is dedicated to physicians, dentists, laboratory technicians, and researchers, who can use rapid prototyping technologies to create and develop products for pre-operative research purposes, for verifying diagnoses, or as direct aids for the patients themselves. To this end, Si medical creates surgical templates and testing devices for the medical sector, as well as equipment, instrumentation, and medical products for testing shapes, functionality, etc., not to mention temporary prostheses and braces.
The personalised and non-personalised skeletal reconstruction of the human body allows for studies aimed at treating various types of traumas and pathologies to be carried out. In particular, the three-dimensional reconstruction of the skull is extremely useful in the maxillofacial field. The technologies at our disposal allow us to faithfully replicate the areas where the surgery will take place, thus allowing the physician to carry out pre-operative studies in order to carefully plan out all the details of the intervention to be performed. The possibility of handling these traumatic events for the patients in a manner that's even more rational than usual allows us to obtain increased surgical precision and a better determination of the execution times, thus reducing the risks and the invasiveness of the operations themselves. What better application could there be for Rapid Prototyping technologies than that of ensuring the personal well-being of individuals?