Si sport

“You'll never be able to change the world on your own.
You can however make a contribution to changing a part of it.”
Ayrton Senna

The latest of our company's divisions to have been established. In fact, we have expanded the Sinthesi Engineering family to include a new specialisation. The design, production, and marketing of proprietary items dedicated entirely to the world of table tennis.
The passion, participation, and love for this sport has resulted in the creation of Si sport, the new brand dedicated to the production of accessories designed to meet the needs of table tennis enthusiasts, while at the same time improving and facilitating their methods of play. All the items that we produce are patented, and are already available throughout Italy and Europe.
There are still many more ideas that have yet to take shape and undergo development within this athletic scenario, and we hope that we will be increasingly successful in facilitating and enhancing the lives of those who take part, whether professionally or for passion alone. All this has also resulted in considerable operational benefits for our company's services. By participating in this sector as a manufacturer, in fact, we have become increasingly aware of people's specific needs. As a manufacturer, you start to understand why certain requests are made of you, which may have previously seemed strange. As a manufacturer, you learn things, and you put them into practice.

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