About Us

“When a fact thunders out, you can be certain an idea has struck.” Ippolito Nievo

Sinthesi Engineering was founded in 1992, in the town of Parabiago, 20 km from Milan, and immediately established itself as a flexible, dynamic,and energetic company in the design andtesting sector.

In the beginning, the company’s activities were primarily concentrated in northern and central Italy, and it served as an ideal partner forthose who were looking to bring their ideas to life. In 1994, with a growing awareness that the products would become increasingly sophisticated over time, Sinthesi Engineering adopted a number of Pro-E CAD stations, and began offering services of even higher quality throughout a larger geographical area.

In 1996, new opportunities began to arise within this rapidly evolving and increasingly demanding market. This was the dawn of rapid prototyping, whereby customers could be offered a tangible representation of that which, up until then, had only been virtual. This gave rise to a new company Mission. The passion for bringing ideas to life. Over the next two years, Sinthesi Engineering improved the efficiency of its services by taking on stylistic and industrial design aspects as well, and in 2003 expanded its interfacing possibilities to the outside world with the introduction of two Catia V5 stations.

The greatest qualitative improvement, however, came in 2008 when, with a full awareness of its own means and capabilities, the company inaugurated a new 620 m2 facility. With more space at its disposal, the company was able to increase its rapid prototyping service by inserting new machinery, and consequently began processing materials with different performance characteristics. The company’s Technical Department also benefited from this period of renewal by adopting the use of programs dedicated to Rendering and computational fluid dynamics.

Today,thanks to its numerous years of experience, consolidated teamwork, and continuously updated technologies, Sinthesi Engineering is capable of meeting all the market’s demands and requirements (with different “Specialised Cores”), while at the same time offering a wide range of alternative solutions to obtain the best possible results: Characteristic design, specialised planning, and rapid prototypes with materials and finishes of exceptional quality. We are now ready to bring our mission to the rest of the world: The passion for bringing ideas to life.

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