Si Design

A product’s style or design is one of its fundamental aspects. Our vision, in fact, is the first sense that is activated when we encounter a new object. The first characteristic that strikes us and captures our attention is the emotive element provided by the image, after which all the other qualitative analyses can be performed and organised.

It is extremely important for the style to satisfy and reflect the period in which the product was created. When bringing an article to life, it must be adapted to the style of the moment, while at the same time rendering it distinguishable on the market and resistant over time.

Collaboration between the customer and the company’s staff is therefore fundamental. In order to ensure the success of any initiative, it is necessary to create a Team that is able to plan the activities and maximise the use of their individual skills.


What’s more, style requires this Team to be developed in such a way as to combine the customer’s know-how and knowledge of the market, with the creativity of our own stylists. By focusing its attention upon all of these aspects, with simple yet unique proposals, the Si design team is capable of providing solutions that are perfectly in-line with the target market.

“Fashion fades. Only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel
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