Si Engineering

A product arises from an idea, a project arises from the selection and elaboration of multiple ideas. To its own satisfaction and that of its customers, this shared philosophy has led the Si engineering design team to develop a wide range of successful products.


The main goal of the engineering phase is to come up with qualitatively valid projects for subsequent serial production. These designs, which are created using the best available 3-D software, allow for various technical solutions to be compared, analysed and selected, while at the same time maintaining the previously determined style in tact.


Thanks to a highly-operational and always well-defined design process, and a single and ever-present reference contact, the client has the possibility of viewing and checking the status of the work’s progress. The development of a reliable product, in fact, requires constant dialogue, with all the necessary adjustments or even significant variations being carried out in order to obtain a “Definitive Virtual Product”. In this manner, we create the ideal conditions for those who will be carrying out the subsequent phases, such as photo-realistic renderings, prototypes for the various validation tests, equipment estimates, product costs, and everything else required to move forward.


This phase begins with the initial establishment of the “Work Team”, and is followed by the planning of all the activities based on tried, tested, and certified procedures.

"All good ideas arrive by chance.” Max Ernst
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