Si Sport

Our latest business unit. We have expanded the Sinthesi Engineering family to incorporate a new specialisation that involves the design, production and sale of our items fully dedicated to the table tennis world.

The new Si sport brand of accessories that meet the needs of those who play this sport, improving their game, emerged from the passion, love and dedication to this sport.

All our products are already on the market in Italy and Europe such as, for example, our innovative multi-purpose barriers, suited for both table tennis and other sports since practical and customisable.

Many other ideas are still under construction and will be developed in this sporting outlook, intended to make the life of both professionals and amateurs easier and more fun. Our company has also gained operating benefits for its services from all this.

In fact, by producing, you become increasingly more aware of people’s needs. By producing, you understand the reasoning behind some requests that seemed strange. By producing, you learn and create.

“You'll never be able to change the world on your own. You can however make a contribution to changing a part of it.” Ayrton Senna

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