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This name Sinthesi Engineering intends to identify and bring to market a product of rapid prototyping from the technical and aesthetic touches.
Rapid Prototyping
Rubber is a material which seemingly does not appear to present any type of problematic because typically it identifies itself as an entity deformable, this especially in the phase...
Rapid Prototyping-Techniken aus Kunststoff
The rapid prototyping of non-ferrous materials requires the use of 2 different families of products: resins and plastics. Sinthesi Engineering has mastered the technologies and usage methods in both...
Stereolithographie Sinthesi
Stereolithography is a process of cold rolling of liquid photosensitive resins. These resins are instantly solidified in thin layers through the use of a UV laser beam.
Fdm Prototyping Sinthesi
The FDM technology is a system to heat of additive manufacturing, which involves the use of a strand of plastic material suitably distributed, so as to obtain an article of excellent structure,...