FDM Technology

Fdm Prototyping Sinthesi

The FDM technology is a system to heat of additive manufacturing, which involves the use of a strand of plastic material suitably distributed, so as to obtain an article of excellent structure, extremely powerful and immediately usable both for testing and for the production.

With these machines we build it not just prototypes, but also parts that are entered directly on the market. Depending on the type of plastic material that is going to be used, the models assume different technical and mechanical characteristics. We are in a position to realize directly to our internal parts in ABS, PC-ABS, PC or PA rather than articles or artifacts ULTEM, polymer flame retardant.

Currently we have 2 machines with this technology: one ideal to get the parts of considerable size from the working volume is equal to 900×600 mm side and depth of 900 mm; the other, from the volume slightly reduced, for the realization of objects more precise, but always robust, excellent for immediate testing or small production. With this technology, in fact, the “Direct Digital Manufacturing” has come to mean very tangible.

Sinthesi Engineering, specializing in Rapid Prototyping 3D, is at your disposal for futher information about the services of prototyping FDM.




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