Metal Rapid Prototyping

This name Sinthesi Engineering intends to identify and bring to market a product of rapid prototyping from the technical and aesthetic touches. We have managed, through collaboration with the specialized companies to obtain a composite that has a heart of lightweight, robust, however, presents outside the perceptual characteristics and techniques of metal.

The details thus realized have all the appearance of the products manufactured with the metal but have a much lower weight. The contact with the human skin transmits the same sensations that would transmit the same pieces made of metal.

Applications for PROTOMETAL (rapid prototyping metals) are manifold, ranging from prototyping to aesthetic parts or technical to the realization of small batch production.

The characteristics of the product obtained, being variable based on the characteristics that must have made it possible for some of our corporate clients to offer it with satisfaction on their products and use it on their machines.

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