Rubber Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rubber is a material which seemingly does not appear to present any type of problematic because typically it identifies itself as an entity deformable, this especially in the phase of rapid prototyping.

Like Sinthesi Engineering we think exactly the opposite. Just because it is deformable but has been studied and something has to serve, the prototype must have the dimensional characteristics, techniques and why not, perception, of great quality.

Our staff through different moments of experimentation has managed to develop a prototyping system that allows to get products very similar characteristics to the articles that are going to be series products.

With the details we constructed, various companies have in fact been able to get some interesting answers during the acceptance test. We can, if deemed necessary, to achieve even over mold plastic parts with soft material.

The above describes the rubber flexible or rigid as needed, formed monoblock, not through the lamination of resins, because the lamination facilitates the tearing. The success also passes through this difference.

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