"Fashion fades. Only style remains the same."

Coco Chanel

The Concept Design is the most creative phase of the entire production process: it is in this moment that our technical team conceives, in agreement with the customer, visionary but futuristic solutions.

Today's design techniques, thanks also to computer graphics programs, allow a new path of digital modeling that sanctions the birth of an innovative concept of industrial production: today, in fact, design breaks down the limits and constraints imposed by traditional techniques thanks to a skillful dialogue between creativity and functionality. Visualizing the impossible and transforming it into concrete proposals at the service of our customers: this is exactly what we at Sinthesi Engineering mean by concept design!

The style or design of a product is one of its fundamental aspects.

Sight is actually the first sense that is activated when we encounter an object. The first feature that strikes and captures the attention of the observer is the emotional part given by the image, then and only then are made and organized all further qualitative analysis.

It is important that the style satisfies and reflects the period in which the product was born. Giving life to an article it is necessary to create it suitable for the moment making it distinguishable in the market and resistant in time.

Fundamental is therefore the collaboration between the customer and the staff of the company. Creating a team so that you can plan activities and make the best use of individual skills is an essential requirement for the success of any initiative.


Settore di Applicazione


Communication, dialogue, study and research are essential elements.
Finding an expedient is not enough: the final result must respond rationally to the needs of a market that combines aesthetics and performance even at very high levels. In fact, the range of interventions increases exponentially and the applications, in the most diverse sectors, require definitive and highly customized solutions.

Concept Design: application solutions for every market

At the center of the concept design phase there is in fact the expressiveness of one's own creative uniqueness. Knowing how to first understand and then translate graphically the detailed vision of the customer is therefore essential in order to create a unique object of its kind that is also on-demand on specific business needs.

Hence the expression "industrial craftsmanship", which highlights how, thanks to concept design first, and product engineering later, it is now possible to conceive and work not only extremely complex patterns, but also shapes that do not exist in nature, which the computer will then convert into a three-dimensional model ready to be printed in a single solid unit, i.e. without the integration of several components that would have been necessary with traditional methods (think, for example, of several elements welded together).

The possibility of creating prototypes and products that fully reflect the specifications of the end user and the possibility of modifying aspects of them during pre-production enhance the expressiveness of an almost sartorial uniqueness that can be used in a wide range of applications: from classic furniture components to lighting and automotive, from mass production to the most artistic "limited editions" designed to become market icons. The solutions are almost unlimited and all to be discovered.


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