"All art is an imitation of nature."


We like to consider ourselves as a reality very attentive to those issues related to the exploitation of the planet and to the "green" themes. Also for this reason we try to carry out the greatest number of processes within the company, contributing to the reduction of CO2 according to the concept of "Zero Kilometer".

In this regard, we privilege resources and suppliers close to the company who, like us, care about the health of the world in which we live.

Procurement and deliveries tend to be carried out through targeted and rationally conceived transports.

In addition to using, where possible, materials that can be recycled, we pay particular attention to what may seem like details, but in reality are not at all, such as the material used for packaging, which is made entirely of recyclable material.

All of our business activities are carried out with the aim of avoiding wastefulness, minimising the production of waste materials, and even using them as resources wherever possible. Any waste materials that are not used as resources are disposed of by certified companies. Even if not required by law, our laboratory is even equipped with dust and paint filtration systems. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the issues surrounding environmental respect and protection, as well as respect for mankind and its future generations, among all those who work and collaborate with us.
Throughout the entire supply chain, from purchase to delivery, Sinthesi Engineering operates according to the principles of sustainability in order to reduce its energy consumption and minimise the quantities of pollutants being emitted into the environment. Si green is not a Utopia… It’s our way of life. It’s how we present ourselves to the entire world, not just at the workplace.

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