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Customized products, short times and ease of realization are reasons that push the customer to land more and more in the world of Rapid 3D Prototyping.

Small productions are the order of the day and thanks to our 6 dedicated machines we can supply the customer in a few days with what previously required months of processing and tooling costs.

A new era with new technologies and new requests such as customization have led Sinthesi to invest in this world, thus offering various materials and a service that is always at the forefront. The Si Manufacturing technologies available in our company are FDM, MJF e DLP.

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid Manufacturing allows small series to be produced in a short period of time, reducing equipment costs.

Sinthesi Engineering can offer its customers small production batch items that can even reach single 960 cm pieces.

There are multiple materials starting from ABS, PC, PC-ABS, ASA, ULTEM, IGLIDUR (simil POM), PPS, PA-12, PA-12-Glass Beads, RUBBER 90 ShA, SILICONE 40/50 ShA.


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